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Top 5 Free Linux VPS options without needing a credit card in 2023

When seeking free Linux VPS server options without the necessity for a credit card, numerous hosting providers and platforms offer enticing services.

Although these free VPS plans may entail certain limitations, they present an excellent opportunity to explore the realm of virtual private servers without incurring any costs.

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Here are the top five picks for the best Linux VPS options in 2023 that do not require a credit card:

1. VPS Server: The Ideal Option for Straightforward, Dependable, and Adaptable VPS Hosting

When it comes to selecting the perfect Linux VPS hosting provider, one name stands out: Blend Hosting. With a dedicated commitment to delivering rapid and cost-effective solutions, Blend Hosting provides a dependable and high-performance platform for all your hosting requirements

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Blend Hosting’s Linux VPS hosting empowers you with dedicated resources, enabling your website or application to operate faster while remaining well within your budget.

Furthermore, it provides a generous 7-day free trial, allowing you to experience the power and performance of this Linux VPS hosting platform without any cost or commitment.

Enjoy top-notch performance and reliability

Blend Hosting’s Linux VPS hosting platform is meticulously crafted for exceptional performance and reliability. Clients reap the advantages of low-latency networks, guaranteeing swift load times and seamless user experiences.

24/7 Support for Effortless Management

Recognizing the significance of continuous support, Blend Hosting offers a dedicated technical team available 24/7 to address any inquiries. Whether it’s configuration, installation, backup, or deployment of cloud Linux VPS servers, this ensures a seamless and stress-free hosting experience.

Blend Hosting Linux Server Pricing

Various VPS Linux Server plans are offered, catering to diverse needs. Premium plans begin at only 5.59/month, presenting a cost-effective solution for various traffic loads.

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Whether clients need CPU-optimized power or memory-optimized efficiency, Blend Hosting’s plans provide flexibility and performance.

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Flexible Billing and Secure Setup

Clients can customize their billing experience by selecting from daily, monthly, or hourly billing options for Linux server management. SSD hosting servers boast high security features, including DDoS protection, to safeguard data against malicious attacks. Clients also enjoy the convenience of real-time server activation and effortless firewall configuration.

Total Control and Effortless Management

The Linux VPS server offered by Blend Hosting grants users full root access, providing complete control over server configuration. Clients benefit from fast memory and advanced technology, facilitating easy management of databases directly on the platform. With 16 locations worldwide, applications enjoy optimal speed and performance.

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Robust Infrastructure and Guaranteed High Uptime

Blend Hosting’s dedication to reliability ensures clients’ websites experience maximum uptime. Their robust infrastructure keeps servers online 24/7, free from downtime issues. To facilitate getting started, Blend Hosting offers a risk-free 7-Day Trial with credit card verification, enabling exploration of services without any commitment.

Diverse Selection of Linux Operating Systems

Clients can select from a variety of Linux distributions, including Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and Gentoo, for their VPS servers. Each distribution offers distinct features and benefits tailored to suit preferences and requirements.


In summary, VPS Server stands out as the premier option for straightforward, dependable, and adaptable Linux VPS hosting. With their emphasis on high performance, reliability, and outstanding customer support, they provide an unparalleled hosting experience that caters to the requirements of individuals and businesses alike.

Don’t overlook the chance to embark on your Linux VPS hosting journey with VPS Server’s 7-day free trial. Register now and uncover the power, performance, and reliability that this platform has in store.

2. HostArmada VPS: Your Ultimate Hosting Hero!

If you’re on a quest to discover the ideal hosting platform tailored to your website development requirements, your search ends here – HostArmada’s Managed Development Hosting is here to rescue you!

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Exceptional Tools and Unrivaled Performance

Prepare yourself for a web development journey like no other! HostArmada’s Managed Development Hosting Service is packed with a plethora of state-of-the-art features.

With FREE SSL for all websites, FREE Website Migration, FREE Web Server Caches, and the user-friendly FREE cPanel Control Panel, they provide all the tools necessary to transform your boldest web development aspirations into reality! What’s more, they’ve got you covered with FREE Daily Backups – bid farewell to fretting over losing your invaluable work!

Host Armada Pricing

HostArmada’s VPS Hosting plans are available in a range of configurations to match your requirements. From the entry-level Web Shuttle with 2GB RAM and 1 core to the powerhouse Site Carrier with a substantial 16GB RAM and 6 cores, they cater to every level of need!

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Unleash the Beast: Blazing-Fast and Secure

But wait, there’s more! HostArmada is committed to furnishing you with the ultimate web development playground. Their servers uphold a low client count, guaranteeing optimal website performance and expedited loading times.

Thanks to cloud SSD technology, you’ll revel in 99.9% uptime and bid farewell to those troublesome hardware failures!

Dev Support, 24/7: Your Tech Sidekick

Require some technical assistance? HostArmada has your back! Their human-powered technical support is accessible 24/7 to aid with website transfers, template installations, module setups, or any other web-related sorcery you require!

Glowing Reviews: A Customer Preferred

With thousands of satisfied customers, HostArmada proudly ranks among the most positively reviewed hosting providers. Their profiles on G2 and Trustpilot are a testament to their excellence, solidifying their stellar reputation in the hosting universe!

Loaded with Developer-Friendly Features

Let’s explore the array of features that transform Managed Development Hosting into a developer’s ultimate dream:

Click Application Installer: Deploy and configure applications effortlessly while maintaining distinct versions in separate folders for unparalleled flexibility.

Consistent Backups: Experience automated daily cPanel backups, guaranteeing the safety and restorability of your invaluable work at all times.

LiteSpeed Web Server Cache: Enjoy lightning-fast website loading times and minimal resource usage, accommodating more visitors even on smaller plans.

Managed Web Hosting: Leave the maintenance and management of multiple servers in your web hosting environment to the experts at HostArmada.

Latest Services for Optimal Performance: Stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date core services and support for multiple PHP versions.

cPanel for Easy Navigation: Embark on your hosting journey with ease using the industry-standard, user-friendly cPanel – included for free with every plan!

SSH Access for Advanced Devs: Seize control with command-line access and delve into advanced web development wizardry.

Tight Website Security: Relax with IP-based firewalls, complimentary virus scanners, and unlimited SSL certificates for all your domains.

Money-Back Guarantee: We've Got You Covered!

We have full confidence in HostArmada’s free VPS trial services, and you should too! They provide an impressive 45-day money-back guarantee, surpassing other VPS free trials with shorter durations.

Give their free VPS trials a try, and if you’re not satisfied within the initial week, receive a complete refund – no cancellation fee, no inquiries required!

Embark on Your Web Development Journey!

Feeling excited? HostArmada’s Managed Development Hosting is the vessel that will propel you towards web development greatness! Bid farewell to website concerns and embrace a seamless, secure, and potent development experience.

So, why wait? Select your hosting plan or free trial VPS today and embark on your web development adventure with HostArmada!

3. Cloudways: Empowering Web Applications through Managed VPS Cloud Hosting

If you’re in search of a dependable and potent managed VPS cloud hosting platform for your web applications, Cloudways is an excellent option.

Backed by a comprehensive suite of features and exceptional customer support, Cloudways provides a seamless experience for effortlessly building and managing web applications.

Key Features and Advantages

  1. Server Customization and Configuration:

Cloudways grants users full control over their server’s configuration, allowing them to customize the environment to meet their precise requirements.

  1. Troubleshooting Application-Level Issues:

With Cloudways, you can leave complex application-level issues in capable hands. Their team of experts handles troubleshooting, freeing you to concentrate on the growth and success of your applications.

  1. Proactive Application Monitoring:

Cloudways proactively monitors your applications, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime. This proactive approach ensures a seamless user experience for your website visitors.

  1. Private Stack Channel and Close Partnership:

Cloudways cultivates a strong relationship with its customers, fostering trust and collaboration. Through their private stack channel, direct communication is facilitated, ensuring prompt resolution of any concerns or queries.

  1. Fast Ticket Response and 24/7 Active Customer Support:

Cloudways features a highly responsive customer support team available round-the-clock. Their rapid ticket response ensures prompt resolution of your issues, delivering a seamless hosting experience.

Free VPS Trial

Cloudways goes above and beyond by providing a generous 3-day VPS free trial period with no credit card required. This Linux VPS free trial enables you to explore their services risk-free and firsthand experience the platform’s capabilities.

Cloudways Pricing

If you’re considering a paid plan, Cloudways offers Standard and Premium plans at the following price points:

Standard Plans: $11/month, $24/month, $46/month, and $88/month

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Premium Plans: 14/m, 28/m, 54/m, and 99/m

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Noteworthy Additional Features

Cloudways provides an array of additional features that enhance your cloud VPS hosting experience:

  • Free SSL Certificate: Secure your website with complimentary SSL certificates, ensuring encrypted connections and enhanced trustworthiness.

  • Unlimited Applications: Host multiple applications without restrictions, making Cloudways ideal for managing diverse projects.

  • Global Data Centers: Leverage over 25 data centers distributed across North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and South America, ensuring global reach for your content.

  • Free Site Migration Service: Migrate your existing website to Cloudways seamlessly, without incurring any additional charges or complexities.

  • Performance-Boosting Technologies: Advanced caching, HTTP/2, and Redis support contribute to faster loading speeds and improved performance.

  • Easy Installations: Enjoy one-click installations for popular applications, simplifying the setup process for your websites and projects.

  • Automated Hourly Backups & Dedicated IP: Cloudways prioritizes data protection with automated hourly backups and dedicated IP addresses for enhanced security.

Ideal for WordPress enthusiasts

WordPress users will find Cloudways to be an ideal solution for their CMS requirements. The platform offers seamless WordPress integration, streamlining the setup and management of WordPress-powered websites.

In summary, Cloudways stands out as a premier managed VPS cloud hosting platform, providing unmatched customization options, dependable support, and a comprehensive feature set. While it offers only a 3-day free trial, we highly recommend giving it a try for a hosting experience that exceeds expectations.

4. Vultr: Enjoy a Complimentary VPS Trial Without Credit Card Needed

Vultr’s VPS hosting service has been a prominent player in the cloud computing industry since its establishment in 2014, headquartered in Matawan, NJ, United States.

Renowned for its diverse array of cloud services, Vultr distinguishes itself with its high-performance IP networks, secure private networking, reserved IPs, and global data center locations.

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Flexible VPS for Windows and Linux Operating Systems

Vultr offers users the choice between Windows and Linux VPS solutions, accommodating diverse preferences and needs. Whether you’re a Windows enthusiast or a Linux aficionado, Vultr has the solution for you.

Extensive Range of Products and Features

Vultr stands out with a broad selection of products, encompassing cloud computing, high-frequency computing, bare metal, object storage, block storage, dedicated server instances, DDoS protection, direct connect, load balancers, and Kubernetes. This diverse range ensures that you can discover the ideal solution for your specific project requirements.

Empowering Features

Vultr’s VPS hosting is packed with a myriad of empowering features:

  • 20 Data Center Locations Worldwide: With data centers spread worldwide, Vultr guarantees minimal latency and localized peering, delivering peak performance for users across different geographical locations.

  • Powerful Networking: Enjoy the advantages of a resilient and redundant network architecture, guaranteeing consistent connectivity and smooth data transmission.

  • Powerful Control Panel: The intuitive control panel enables you to efficiently and seamlessly manage your VPS.

  • Workable OS Choices: Select from a range of operating systems tailored to meet your project’s specific needs.

  • Customizability: Experience the freedom of uploading your custom ISO and configuring your IP space, enabling you to customize your VPS environment according to your requirements.

Generous VPS Hosting Free Trial

Vultr provides an appealing 1-month free trial period, allowing users to experience their VPS hosting services without any initial financial commitment. During this trial, users can also enjoy free credit worth up to $50, enabling them to explore the platform’s offerings fully.

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User Affordable Pricing

Whether you’re running a personal website or managing storage-intensive projects, Vultr offers cost-effective solutions suitable for projects of all sizes, catering to beginners as well as enterprise-level endeavors.


In summary, Vultr is a reputable and feature-rich VPS hosting platform, providing both Windows and Linux options to accommodate a diverse user base.

With its impressive array of products, empowering features, and a generous free trial that doesn’t require a credit card, Vultr offers an excellent opportunity for users to test and experience their various free VPS server plans and services firsthand.

Hence, give their completely free service a try today to assess whether this virtual private server meets your needs or not!

5. GreenGeeks: Explore a 30-Day VPS Free Trial Securely

GreenGeeks is a well-established and reputable web hosting provider that has been serving customers since its inception in 2008 by Trey Gardner. With data centers strategically located worldwide, GreenGeeks is committed to delivering excellent performance, seamless accessibility, and easy one-click installations for its users.

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Windows and Linux VPS

GreenGeeks accommodates users with diverse preferences by offering both Windows VPS and Linux VPS options. This versatility enables users to select their preferred operating system, thereby enhancing the flexibility and compatibility of their hosting environment with Windows VPS.

GreenGeeks delivers outstanding features and performance.

GreenGeeks offers a range of impressive features focused on speed, security, and reliability. Users benefit from fast hard drives, web, and database services, ensuring swift app load times. Additionally, GreenGeeks provides a Free CDN (Content Delivery Network) for enhanced performance and The Fastest In-Browser Load Times, optimizing the user experience.

Clear Costs

GreenGeeks provides managed VPS hosting plans at $2.95/month, $29.95/month, and $39.95/month, ensuring their services are cost-effective and within reach for different budget ranges.

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Refund Policy Ensures Customer Satisfaction

GreenGeeks presents a 30-day refund guarantee, allowing ample time to explore our comprehensive VPS hosting plan worry-free. Feel free to discover all the perks and advantages of our VPS hosting services for a complete month, without any risk. We’re committed to delivering a seamless hosting experience, and if you’re not entirely satisfied, cancel effortlessly and receive a full refund.

In summary, GreenGeeks offers features designed for speed, security, and dependability, ensuring optimal performance for your websites and applications. With a diverse array of hosting services, including complimentary VPS hosting and server choices for both Windows OS and Linux OS, we cater to a wide audience.

Additionally, our enticing 30-day VPS trial enables you to experience our premium hosting services without any financial commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Linux VPS server operates on the Linux OS and is a virtualized environment hosted within a physical server. It grants users dedicated resources, isolated environments, and complete root access. Unlike shared hosting, where multiple users share server resources, a Linux VPS ensures data isolation, with each virtual machine dedicated to a single user. This setup offers enhanced security, performance, and control over server configurations.

Users have the flexibility to install and customize software, applications, and services according to their requirements on their Linux VPS servers. This adaptability makes Linux VPS hosting a versatile and economical solution for various use cases. Additionally, the scalability of VPS hosting allows users to adjust resources as needed, ensuring optimal performance for their websites or applications.

Linux VPS hosting involves utilizing virtual private servers that run on the Linux operating system. This service allows multiple virtual servers to operate on a single physical server, each with its resources and isolated environment.

The advantages of Linux VPS hosting include scalability, cost-effectiveness, customizable server administration, heightened security measures, and improved performance. Users have the autonomy to install and customize software, manage security configurations, and exert complete control over their virtual server infrastructure.

Managed VPS servers represent virtual private servers that offer comprehensive technical management and support services provided by the hosting provider.

In contrast to standard free VPS hosting, where users assume responsibility for server management and technical aspects, managed VPS offers a hassle-free shared hosting experience coupled with expert support and maintenance.

When choosing the optimal VPS free trial plan, it’s crucial to weigh factors such as the provider’s reputation, trial duration, resource allocation, operating system options, included features, technical support, scalability, data center locations, and any additional terms associated with the VPS free trial. Conduct comprehensive research and compare various providers before finalizing your decision.

Acquiring a VPS free trial is straightforward. Opt for a hosting provider offering a VPS trial without necessitating credit card details, register on their site, establish an account, verify it if necessary, pick your preferred VPS trial and plan, and adjust your server settings. Once done, your VPS trial period commences, enabling you to delve into the hosting service and its functionalities.

Free Linux VPS hosting is indeed a great way to explore and test out VPS server environments without any upfront cost. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential limitations, such as restricted resources and features, as you mentioned. Despite these limitations, the opportunity to experience and familiarize oneself with VPS hosting can be invaluable for users considering upgrading to a paid plan or transitioning to a VPS environment for their projects.

As of 2023, several top hosting providers offer free Linux VPS hosting without requiring a credit card. These include Kamatera, Cloudways, Vultr, Hostinger VPS, Digital Ocean, GreenGeeks, and more. These providers typically offer enticing trial periods, allowing users to experience their services without the need for a credit card.