Full server access via Dell iDRAC Enterprise server management.

Built by Blend Hosting

There’s a reason every Blend Hosting server is designed, built, and maintained in-house.

In-House Reliability

We design, build, and maintain your custom dedicated servers in-house to ensure your site stays up and runs at all time. Reliability is our priority.

Dedicated to Dedicated

As a Dedicated customer, enjoy direct support from our hosting provider specialists who handles our most powerful servers. Besides, you can chat the exclusive support line anytime, 24/7.


A Dedicated Server is a physical server that lets you access its resources exclusively. Hence, choosing a Dedicated Server offers the highest level of support for your web applications, allowing optimal performance. Moreover, as a single tenant, you can expect to enjoy full control in optimizing, managing an environment tailored for your business.

Recognized for its outstanding running time and the ability to accommodate high traffic loads, you will no longer have to deal with neighbors.With a Dedicated Server, your web application can perform at optimal speeds. Thus, this is preferred by big companies that runs important task, E-Commerce sites, and web pages with high traffic.

You’ll get a number of other advantages along with the best results possible. Moreover, as your company expands you can add more capacity quickly without upgrading the entire server. Besides, you’ll have the flexibility and control to change server configurations, add new software and most importantly a higher level of security.

Dedicated hosting doesn’t just give you peace of mind that you’re dealing with cutting edge technology, it also gives companies the freedom to expand. When a firm relies on the uptime and efficiency of your server why settle for something less than the best?

Dedicated Hosting allows for:

• Tailored Security
• Complete Control over System Configurations
• Installation of Custom Operating Systems
• Resources Solely Dedicated to Your Web Applications
• Quick Scale-Ups
• One-Tenant Occupancy
• Contract Free Hosting
• Zero Infrastructure Costs
• PCI and HIPAA Compliant
• Hot Swappable Chassis
• SSD Storage
• Server Secure Security Configurations

Additional Questions

Users of VPS hosting have allocated resources just like Dedicated hosting users, however the amount of available resources on VPS servers may not be enough to what a website needs. For instance, VPS servers often start at 2GB of RAM, whereas Dedicated servers often start with at least 4GB of RAM available. Therefore, Dedicated hosting allows for the same full customization and control of a VPS server, but with even more horsepower.

iDrac Enterprise and Remote Desktop login for Windows server or SSH Login for Linux server will be provided for you to maintain your server. In addition, you will able to boot the BIOS level via iDrac.

Absolutely. Your would have the root access and complete power over your server.

Your server will be hosted in Blend Hosting Malaysia award-winning data centers.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting solutions only at $128/month*

* The promotional price is for the first term only and renews at the regular rate.

15-Day Money-Back Guarantee does not extend to domain names.