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Virtual Private Server, is a website hosting environment that allows for resources such as RAM and CPU to be dedicated to your account. This is achieved by virtualising a Dedicated server and splitting the resources amongst the users on that server.

Versatility of Linux Virtual Private Servers (Linux VPS Hosting)

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Put your trust on us to give you expert help when you need it the most. We maintain our servers in-house to ensure your site stays up and running at all times.

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Cloud technology is certainly something we're familiar with since we are experts in this field. In fact, we know it inside out and have built up everything ourselves, from scratch. Therefore, if you need any assistance or advice, you can get help from our team. We are available anytime to help regarding our Linux VPS Hosting plans. After all, we're here to guide you through all your IT dilemmas.


VPS hosting is a type of hosting suited for people who have outgrown shared hosting. Where multiple sites reside on a single web server with shared web hosting, and have no guarantee of resources, VPS hosting allows fewer users to share allocated segments of hard drive space, memory, and processor power. Each user on a VPS server has access to a virtual machine running its own operating system (OS). This allows customers using VPS hosting to experience similar capabilities and performance to a dedicated server for their sites and applications.
The two services are similar, but there are some fundamental differences. A VPS server will allow you to build several instances on a dedicated single server. Although a VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server will do the same, dedicated server will take over the entirety. Hosting a Virtual Private Server is the ideal price-power choice for large projects. Furthermore, it grants large amounts of dedicated resources and the most control while being infinitely cheaper than having your own physical dedicated server.

Cloud computing is a method of using resources through a network of interlinked remote servers rather than a single, dedicated machine. Besides, cloud computing takes advantage of the high-speed internet and by using sophisticated software, can compute various demanding applications with great efficiency.

Such computing can handle, process and store data as a standard server. In addition, there are several significant benefits that cloud computing provides: flexibility, scalability, resiliency and stablility.

If you need a lot of resources and unparalleled stability – then VPS hosting is for you, however that is not all.

Firstly, the VPS hosting provides you with dedicated services. This ensures you don’t have to share your processor, RAM or disc space. Hence, you have an allocated amount that you entirely control at your will.

The nature of virtual server hosting guarantees stability. Since all resources are carefully handled and distributed to the users, you can rest easy to know that any periods of heavy usage do not affect the reliability of your servers.

Finally, the most important advantage is that you get root access and unparalleled control of the resources granted.

That means you can install wide variety of operating systems, work on resource heavy projects and do a lot more than shared hosting is. However, the customer support team will only help you with questions relating to VPS hosting management and other back-end related queries.

Virtual Private Server hosting is targeted at more tech-savvy users.

If you need a small website, with shared hosting or premium hosting, you’re likely better off. However, if you need a lot of processing power and full control. Then, VPS hosting is only second to a dedicated server.

Intensive websites, web applications, online game servers, databases and other dynamic projects are suitable for a VPS hosting. As VPS hosting offers more flexibility, so you can install your favourite operating system and take advantage of root access.

All the VPS hosting plans includes a dedicated IP address for the customer.

Yes. To know more, please visit our Windows VPS Hosting page.

All VPS hosting services are securely partitioned by software specially designed to guarantee top-notch security.

In addition all Blend Hosting servers are protected by BitNinja, advanced DDoS protection and other custom built tools that both monitor and protect our entire infrastructure.

Yes, you can! That’s the beauty of a VPS hosting service. It gives unparalleled control over your project! On Blend Hosting you can pick between dozens of different Linux based operating systems to suit your needs.

Your server will be hosted in Blend Hosting Malaysia Data Center.

Choosing VPS

The best time to use VPS hosting is when you have gained the technical expertise you need or when your shared hosting account no longer provides enough resources for your project, and you need to go bigger!

Of course! We offer 15 different plans that can fit any project. With each growth cycle, you can choose a more efficient plan almost instantly, and update without any downtime.


Shared Web Hosting packages are aimed for small projects, such as personal blogs and similar sites. Intensive or high-traffic resources projects may encounter problems when using a shared hosting service. Also, Shared hosting is easy-to-use for beginners and can be professionally controlled, which ensures that our customer service team will be able to deal with  problems that may arise with your project.

However, VPS hosting offers you dedicated resources which you don’t need to share. Monitor your CPUs, blast RAM, control root access and use your favourite operating system.

The downside is that while we handle the back-end and server management, we will offer minimal customer service assistance to your project 24/7.

VPS hosting provides you with dedicated resources that you don’t need to share. Every virtual private server hosting plan ensures you get the highest control of your resources. For instance, you can control your CPUs, burst RAM, manage root access and use your preferred OS. However, the drawback is that we can only offer minimal assistance to your project. We will assist with all questions related to the VPS hosting and control panel, but scripting, coding and other specific queries will not be addressed.

Cloud hosting, in comparison, is a form of web hosting that uses several different servers to handle the load and optimise uptime. Your website can tap into a “cluster” that uses resources from a centralised pool, rather than using a single server. This means that even if one server crashes, another will kick in to keep it going. Cloud hosting’s key advantages include a big emphasis on uptime, isolated resources, easy scaling, and a dedicated IP address.

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