VPS Hosting Using WHM and Cpanel

Cpanel and WHM: A Look Inside the World of VPS Hosting

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In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, online security is often viewed as a valuable commodity not accessible to everyone. Yet, many strive to secure some semblance of privacy in the digital realm.

For those seeking a service that can safeguard their identity and data while offering additional capabilities, our VPS hosting plan could be the ideal solution for you!

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Virtual Private Server

Many individuals often conflate a VPS with services like VPN, but they serve different purposes. In essence, a virtual private server (VPS) is a storage space for your personal or sensitive data, offering a diverse range of capabilities provided by the hosting provider.

Our VPS stands apart from other hosting services with exorbitant prices or excessive resources. It strikes the optimal balance between features and cost, a fact that becomes evident as you delve into the depth of benefits accompanying our service.

VPS plans:

We provide a wide variety of hosting options, from premium dedicated servers to reasonably priced VPS hosting packages. You have the freedom to select the hosting plan that best fits the resources needed for your project or business from our wide selection of options.

There are three main types of hosting plans that we provide, each with unique features and an emphasis on particular server components. Our first plan, which is our premium offering, offers more features at a cheaper cost than regular plans. Our premium plans, in contrast to those that focus on a certain server component, are designed to increase the efficiency of every area of the server.

The second type consists of CPU-optimized plans, which improve the core processor unit’s performance directly. Likewise, the memory-optimized plan, which is our third plan type, is intended to enhance memory capacities. These two customised plans provide consumers with particular requirements by focusing on the focused improvement of the server’s CPU or memory components. Because of this versatility, both individuals and organisations can select plans that exactly meet their unique hosting needs.

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Our site host is committed to provide an outstanding experience with dedicated resources, regardless of the hosting plan selected. It’s important to remember that VPS hosting services are very different from those offered by other hosting companies. Let’s examine a few points that illustrate how a virtual private server and traditional web hosting packages differ:

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud web hosting is the type of hosting that most closely resembles VPS hosting. We also provide a Cloud VPS platform that combines the features of the two web hosting packages because of how comparable the two are. Users can affordably and securely store their data in a virtual, encrypted space by using the cloud hosting option.

With an internet connection, accessing cloud storage becomes seamless. By spreading your data across several servers and data centres, this configuration protects against hardware malfunctions and possible data loss. Those with low resource requirements and a need for remote data access are especially well-suited for this kind of web hosting service.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is widely recognized as the most cost-effective hosting solution, and for valid reasons. It functions by providing a platform that many users can share. Every user shares resources and disc space on a single server.

Users may be susceptible to threats and malicious attacks from other dubious users under more dire circumstances.

Although customers can put security measures in place to safeguard their data, the danger of data compromise actually rises dramatically when an attacker shares a server.

On the other hand, even our most economical VPS hosting servers offer better capabilities for handling and protecting your personal information. Each user has complete control over their own server because VPS servers normally provide dedicated resources.

Dedicated Hosting:

The least expensive web hosting option is shared hosting, whereas dedicated hosting is by far the most expensive. Although they come at a high price, dedicated providers give consumers with private dedicated servers, lots of resources, and services.

In contrast to shared hosting, which allows several users to share resources on a single server, dedicated hosting gives one user complete control over the server. For companies and individuals who value performance and customisation, this makes it the best option.

Hosting a VPS with Cpanel:

You’ve likely encountered the term CPanel (Control Panel) as you familiarize yourself with web hosting functionalities. You’re also likely aware of the significant importance of a CPanel license in maintaining server settings and facilitating domain management.

CPanel (Control Panel):

It is important for users who are not as familiar with CPanel’s workings to know that total power over the CPanel (control panel) necessitates a licence, which is officially called a CPanel licence.

Before obtaining the license, users must create a CPanel username to facilitate access to the license. This username is integral to the CPanel login process. Once this initial step is completed, the license is then provided to the user.


With Blend Hosting, you can bypass the hassle of these unnecessary steps. However, it’s worth noting that once you acquire the CPanel license, the server will undergo a temporary deactivation. This inconvenience is short-lived, as the CPanel servers will soon be up and running smoothly again.

What makes VPS hosting a good option for businesses?

Embracing VPS hosting is a pivotal move for businesses aiming to optimize their online presence. Our VPS hosting plans are designed to facilitate the seamless operation of your business, ensuring an excellent experience for your customers.

Giving Accounts Isolation:

Ensuring privacy and safeguarding sensitive data from potential theft by unauthorized entities necessitates a focus on isolation. Various strategies are employed to achieve complete isolation for accounts on a server.

One effective tactic involves encrypting the dedicated IP address, preventing malicious hackers from gaining access to your location. Additionally, VPS hosting with cPanel and WHM provides the advantage of using the control panel to isolate different user accounts and websites from one another.

With VPS hosting and cPanel, the administrator can create distinct user accounts, each with its dedicated set of resources and permissions. This allows the administrator to allocate specific resources within the server setup for each user account, enhancing overall security.

Keeping Employee Data Safe:

Our managed VPS hosting ensures comprehensive protection and security for all employee rights and data. Utilizing our server management tools to handle client and employee information provides businesses with dedicated resources for enhanced protection.

Employee data is meticulously managed through compartmentalization. Businesses can implement additional security measures, such as installing encryption software, setting up firewalls, and implementing password protection for virtual servers.

These supplementary security features leave no room for unauthorized users to tamper with client data, empowering users to fortify the security of their VPS server effectively.

Validation for Business:

One of the most important aspects of a business’s validity is its certification. If a firm does not have the required domain certification, it could lose its legitimacy and public support. We provide a variety of VPS hosting options in order to handle situations like these.

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Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) plays a crucial role in authenticating your business, facilitated by cPanel VPS hosting. Our server management includes the provision of free SSL certificates for domain registration. Given that cPanel accounts primarily oversee the functionality of the domain server, they also contribute to efficient DNS management.

Personalization of Business Servers:

VPS hosting offers businesses the flexibility to customize their servers according to their preferences. The key factor contributing to the superiority of our virtual servers is their access to the CPanel license. CPanel, short for ‘Control Panel,’ empowers businesses to tailor the hosting environment to their specific requirements.

With complete control over all CPanel features and management practices, businesses can align server resources according to their needs and configurations. Typically, every business has a predefined plan to implement, and having full creative liberty over the VPS hosting platform provides a significant advantage for any business.

Economical Plans:

VPS hosting strikes a balance between the cost efficiency of shared hosting and the performance of dedicated servers. Businesses can benefit from dedicated resources without incurring the high costs associated with a dedicated server. A VPS hosting plan provides the resources equivalent to a dedicated server but at the price point of a shared server, all without the need for additional hardware or compromising on privacy.

Lower-cost VPS offers:

The affordability of our VPS hosting service is a key factor driving many small businesses to choose it over other options. Despite being cost-effective, our server administration provides access to valuable resources, including a CPanel cloud license, control over operating systems, guaranteed uptime, an SSL certificate, and direct connection with data centers.

Compared to other hosting plans that may not be as generous with their offerings, our VPS hosting environment stands out as the optimal choice for a budget-friendly hosting solution.

Security Management:

Security is undoubtedly one of the most crucial features for any business. Assurance of complete security is pivotal in gaining and retaining clients. Businesses can authenticate themselves by taking the necessary steps to ensure the security of client data.

Utilizing our virtual private servers with their advanced hosting techniques and security features is the optimal strategy for businesses. Our servers come equipped with DDoS protection and a built-in antivirus, providing robust safety measures against external attacks and ensuring the protection of client data.

Personalised features:

Actually, companies can take use of a variety of benefits that we provide. For example, companies can use their own encryption software to encrypt server software to improve security. Furthermore, adding a firewall to safeguard their server offers an additional line of defence.

While we provide these services, the ultimate responsibility for server protection rests with the business. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to take all necessary steps to uphold and maintain the security of their servers.

Benefits of VPS Server Use:

The benefits of choosing VPS hosting with cPanel for your company have been made abundantly evident. The most affordable VPS hosting provider’s long list of advantages offers insightful information to help you make an informed choice for your company.

Customer Support:

Managed VPS servers typically come with technical support, enabling businesses to concentrate on their core activities.

Our customer support team comprises trained professionals specializing in their respective fields to assist you in navigating your server.

Whether you are utilizing an affordable VPS hosting plan or not, our customer support is accessible to everyone around the clock. The distinctive feature of a managed VPS is to empower technical support to handle any unnecessary issues that may arise.

Server-data centre connectivity:

Our cost-effective VPS plans establish a robust network connection between our data centers and your managed VPS server. In the event of an issue directly impacting the functionality of your server, you can reach out to an expert from our data centers.

This expert, part of our customer support team, guides you through the problem, working collaboratively to find a solution that optimizes the performance of your managed VPS server.

Server room & cloud server

Variety of Resources:

Dedicated hosting is renowned for offering an extensive range of resources, but users often encounter three significant challenges when opting for servers provided by this type of hosting:

  1. Excessive Features: Despite providing users with a large collection of resources, dedicated server plans often include features that are unnecessary and go to waste. For smaller creators or developers, who require only a handful of resources to customize their server, the surplus features can be distracting and superfluous.

  2. Costly Services: The second challenge revolves around the substantial cost associated with dedicated servers. While the price is justified considering the abundance of resources provided, it can be prohibitive for small businesses or individual users, especially when the subscription requires a monthly commitment of a hundred dollars or more.

  3. Physical Restrictions: The most significant challenge with dedicated hosting is that its servers exist in a physical form. This means that data access is only possible physically, leading to added security concerns that users must navigate when dealing with a physical server.

Considering these challenges, it becomes evident that VPS hosting is a far more advantageous option for smaller businesses and creators.


While CPanel VPS hosting may not offer the same array of resources as dedicated hosting, it does provide essential features for optimizing server performance, including:

  • Access to free SSL certificates
  • CPanel and WHM features
  • Unlimited domains
  • Proper DNS management
  • Full root access
  • CPanel interface
  • Unlimited bandwidth

While not equivalent to a dedicated server in terms of resources, these features make CPanel VPS hosting a robust and versatile option for various hosting needs.

Absolute Privacy:

Our VPS hosting environment prioritizes and upholds absolute customer privacy. Whether it’s our clients’ data or the information on their personal servers, our web hosting ensures comprehensive privacy for the server.

This assurance extends to the fact that our data centers have no access to the personal data on your hosting account. Furthermore, other users with inexpensive VPS plans similar to yours won’t have the ability to access or view your private data.

Higher privacy compared to shared hosting

By utilising virtualization technology, one VPS user’s actions don’t interfere with another user’s ability to operate. Compared to shared hosting, where users on the same server may be able to access each other’s data without permission, VPS hosting services provide a higher level of anonymity. VPS hosting’s isolated architecture improves user security and privacy.

Correct Server Maintenance:

CPanel VPS hosting excels in managing multiple websites concurrently, making it an ideal choice for businesses or web developers handling numerous pages.

Facilities for maintaining the platform:

Managed VPS hosting provides enhanced control over data backups and recovery for businesses.

Full root access grants users complete authority over operating systems.

Unlimited bandwidth assists businesses and individual users in managing traffic and tasks without overwhelming the CPU.

VPS hosting plans include a web host manager for streamlined server maintenance.

Smooth Transfer:

Numerous VPS plans utilize FTP accounts for secure data transfer. FTP, or ‘File Transfer Protocol,’ is a crucial service facilitating seamless data transfer between devices.

File Transfer Protocol-FTP:

Web hosts on cPanel VPS hosting servers employ FTP accounts to communicate with local stations. This method is widely adopted by businesses and developers to connect their servers securely, minimizing the risk of data packet loss during transmission.

Even budget-friendly VPS hosting plans leverage this approach to safeguard data during transit and protect against potential attacks by malicious users. Storing data in separate packets enhances the speed and clarity of the transfer process, ultimately improving server performance.

Terminables that Scale:

Scalability refers to the process of either upgrading or downgrading a server and is broadly categorized into two types:

Vertical Scaling:

This type of scaling involves enhancing the hardware capabilities of a web hosting plan. Adding an extra hardware component, such as increasing disk space, is a notable example of vertical scaling.

With vertical scaling, the user can augment the capacity of a single server to optimize performance.

Horizontal Scaling:

Horizontal scaling involves adding software resources to upgrade a server. An example of this type of scaling is installing separate software to connect to a content delivery network.

As time progresses, small businesses often feel the need to expand, and developers have the desire to explore new ventures. To address these needs, we ensure that your hosting account includes the option of scalability.

Downgrading Server:

Our web hosting plans offer the flexibility to downgrade your server, which proves beneficial in situations where a small business may struggle with a sudden surge in traffic.

Downgrading provides an opportunity to take a step back, alleviate stress, and save time in maintaining your server, offering a practical hosting solution. Don’t hesitate to explore unique solutions, as they can significantly enhance the functionality of your server.

Diverse International Locations:

In certain situations, a properly managed VPS can operate similarly to a VPN. Beyond security and encryption, cPanel VPS hosting offers connectivity to over 16 different geographical locations worldwide.

If there is content not permissible in your country or region, the control panel provides an excellent hosting solution by encrypting your IP address, allowing you to access media that may be restricted in your area.

Protection of IP addresses:

Once encrypted, your IP address can be used to trick media sites into believing you are located in the area where the desired content is available, protecting you from potentially damaging attacks and suspicious online users. This is especially helpful for getting access to content that is geoblocked.


Frequently Asked Questions

cPanel, short for ‘control panel,’ is a web-based interface designed for the management of websites and digital platforms. The control panel has significantly streamlined web hosting, allowing users to authorize various activities through the intuitive dashboard.

With cPanel, users can effortlessly upload and organize files, ensuring that the content on their websites is properly arranged. Additionally, it provides tools to manage disk space, allowing users to clean cache and remove unnecessary files to make space for new resources.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an environment created by partitioning a physical server into multiple isolated virtual servers. Each VPS functions as an independent server with dedicated resources, its own operating system, and distinct server configurations.

Our managed VPS plans are designed to provide a hassle-free solution for those who find solo server maintenance overwhelming. We offer various hosting plan variations, including fully managed and self-managed options.

These plans are tailored to assist small businesses in streamlining their operations and empowering developers to expand their platforms and reach new audiences. With our virtual private servers, you have complete control over the control panel. You can adjust system settings according to your preferences without any consequences.

In contrast to shared hosting, where server resources are shared among multiple users, our VPS environment is entirely under your control. Manage your server as you see fit and seek professional advice to optimize its performance.

Certainly, the cPanel plays a crucial role in the efficient operation of VPS servers, and that’s why many of our premium VPS plans include the features of this control panel and web host managers.

A VPS hosting server does not require a cPanel to operate, but it does provide a number of advantages that can greatly improve the server’s usability.

For consumers who are not very tech-savvy, a cPanel VPS’s user-friendly capabilities is especially helpful. A variety of tools are available through the cPanel for server management, such as:

  1. Software updates and installations
  2. Security features such as firewall configurations
  3. SSL certificate management and authentication
  4. Disk space management
  5. Proper file allocation and sorting

While there are well-known hosting providers in the market, such as WordPress hosting and InMotion hosting, the optimal choice, offering effective resources, is Blend Hosting.

Unlike WordPress hosting and InMotion hosting, our servers provide full control with three distinct hosting plans, eliminating unnecessary services like reseller hosting to simplify the hosting experience.

Providers like InMotion hosting tend to be relatively expensive for VPS hosting, with deals starting from a steep $19.99/month. On the other hand, WordPress hosting may market itself as free, but it often involves hidden costs and related issues that are not always transparently addressed.

Typically, obtaining a cPanel license on its own is not free. Without our cPanel VPS, acquiring a license involves several steps, including creating a username, logging in, and paying a substantial fee.

With our cPanel VPS, you can acquire a license without the additional steps and hassle. Most of our VPS plans provide users with control panel authority, making cPanel VPS a preferred choice.

The features of cPanel VPS offer users automation, saving time and effort. Once users become accustomed to using a control panel, server management becomes more efficient.

In addition to being hassle-free, our cPanel VPS hosting includes the control panel license at no extra cost. This is why our hosting is considered more cost-effective and superior to other virtual private servers on the market.

If you explore our store, you’ll discover that we offer both Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting. Each of these VPS Hosting options comprises 8 different plans, catering to various needs.

The Web Host Manager (WHM) is a robust tool with functionality similar to cPanel. When utilizing our hosting service, which offers both cPanel and WHM, you can significantly enhance the performance of your server.

Given that the primary role of the Web Host Manager is to oversee multiple cPanel accounts simultaneously, you gain control over various functionalities on the server.

WHM enables you to configure custom server settings and efficiently manage all control panel operations, contributing to an overall improvement in server execution. The use of WHM proves to be highly beneficial in optimizing server performance.

Our cPanel VPS service stands out by striking the perfect balance between shared providers and dedicated servers. Dedicated servers, although offering a wide range of resources, have drawbacks, such as being physically configured and requiring substantial space.

Moreover, they are costly, with prices starting from hundreds of dollars for sometimes subpar services. Many of the provided resources end up wasted, especially for smaller businesses.

In contrast, our cPanel VPS service doesn’t overwhelm with excessive and unnecessary resources. Instead, we focus on supplying the features you truly need, ensuring they are sufficient for the effective operation of your server. This approach optimizes both performance and cost-effectiveness.

Certainly, our control panel virtual private servers are meticulously designed to optimize server performance in the fastest and most efficient way possible. For newer users lacking deep technical knowledge, managing a VPS on their own can be challenging, which is where our cPanel comes in.

The primary purpose of the control panel is to simplify server management, allowing you to focus on your work while leaving the intricacies to the cPanel.

Administrative functions often intimidate individuals, as they typically involve a command line interface and coding. However, with the control panel, there’s no need for these complicated procedures, making server management more accessible and user-friendly.